Children have fun and develop their skills at Celtic Cross Nursery in Banchory

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29th November 2019
2nd March 2020
Celtic Cross Nursery Aberdeen Playrooms

The Care Inspectorate visited Celtic Cross Nursery on Station Road, Banchory, on November 5 and have now published the report. We’re flattered to receive such high grades regarding our nursery. It’s been a fantastic year for us, and we would like to thank every member of our team for their professionalism and support.

The report said: “Parents contributed their views as part of the inspection. All parents agreed that they were overall happy with the quality of care their children were receiving at the service. They commented particularly positively on the caring staff, outdoor play opportunities, support offered to children and use of online learning journals.”

“Children attending the service were confident and keen to talk to us. They received comfort, and cuddles from staff who helped them feel supported and cared for.”

“Staff fostered warm relationships with families and knew them well. They worked in partnership with parents to meet children’s needs. For example, through personal planning and during daily handover discussions.”

“Outdoor play was a key strength of the service. Children were stimulated, having fun and developing skills through a variety of interesting outdoor experiences. For example, pretending to cook with mud and leaves and building dens. Children were also developing an awareness of safety as they participated in positive risk experiences such as, balancing on wooden planks. Children were becoming more resilient through these experiences.”

“The nursery has a vision to provide a safe, stimulating, happy and nurturing environment. The service placed a strong emphasis on the desire to help children reach their full potential, building them to be confident individuals, respectful citizens, successful learners and effective contributors.”

“Children told us that they enjoyed coming to nursery. They happily showed us the variety of experiences available to them and talked particularly excitedly about their time playing outdoors.”