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E-Learning Journals

In order for you to see your child’s progress and keep up to date on what they’re up to every day, we have an online Learning Journals system where our staff upload observations and pictures of your child having fun at Nursery! All of the observations are linked to what your child has learned from their experiences and it will help you track their development as often as you like. Our parents love being able to log in and see their child’s smiling face engaging in fun and exciting opportunities and we love seeing our parents comment on their child’s learning. At the end of your child’s time at Nursery, you will have a log of everything they have achieved with us here at Celtic Cross right from their very first steps to their graduation from Nursery. Tablets are available in our nursery rooms for us to add observations as and when we see them and the children have the opportunity to regularly look through their own profile to see and share their successes. If you would like to know more about this system, visit


Welcome to E-Learning Journals!

Please find a short guide on how to use the learning journals and what it will offer your child…

The benefits of using the learning journals:

  • You will be able to have a more active role in your child’s learning. You will have online access to your child’s learning journal and you will be able to add comments and view progress and learning experiences at any time.
  • Your child’s key worker will have less paperwork and more time to spend helping your child learn.
  • The journals are linked to Curriculum for Excellence (for children 3 yrs and over) and Pre Birth to 3 (for children under 3 yrs) – so you can see just how the learning that is happening at nursery links in with the curriculum
  • Reports on children’s learning can be sent straight to you and school.


Although the learning journals are online, they are only shared between you as the parent, your child’s key worker and nursery management. No one else has access to your child’s profile and we only store information on your child’s learning and experiences at nursery. The site complies with the Data Protection Act and is fully security protected.

Each parent will have their own login details and this guide will help to show you some of the main features of the site for your child as well as tell you how to get access to your child’s Learning Journal.